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The waste management and recycling industry is individual Some industries have an additional hurdle along the way when digitalizing their processes because there is no standard that meets their requirements. One of these is the waste management and recycling. One of the critical issues in this industry is that there are two directions for the same transaction. It is possible that money has to be paid when goods are received (as within a usual transaction), and it is also possible that money is earned when goods are received. Because if you have hazardous waste, you’re happy to get rid of it. It will cost you, of course. Copper, for example, is a material for which you can get money from the disposer.

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Ihr aktuell größter Pain ist es externen und internen Personen Ihres Netzwerkes sicheren und anonymen Zugang zu Ihren Daten zu gewähren? Mit PowerApps Portals setzen Sie diesem Pain ein Ende! Mehr erfahren!

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